Alternative Media (the Great Work)

Since the dawn of humanity, countless cultures around the world have held prophecies and tales foretelling a time when an epic final battle between the forces of light and dark, would destroy the earth; and where the victorious forces would be given the power to become the rulers over a new reality.

Though to many, this battle may seem like the legendary stuff of stories, there are those who believe, that the final battle is upon us, and that Armageddon has indeed begun. However, it is essential to understand that contrary to popular belief, Armageddon is not a battle that can be fought and won on the battlefields of Man, but rather, the true Armageddon, is a war that can only be won within.

A very important question for the people of earth to ask is, are we controlled; to what extent and by whom? What does this mean for humankind’s future? The enormous implications of these questions deter most of us who must deal with the daily consequences of the answers. For the most part, the work of the Alternative Media community reveal that much of that which we believe to be truth has been deception, deliberately implanted in our consciousness to erect a “tyranny over the minds of humankind.”

From cradle to grave our parents, peers, institutions and society inform our values and behaviors. But this process has been hijacked. We must be willing to examine the science that has evolved over generations to keep humanity firmly in place and maintain the status quo so that dictators, power brokers and corporate puppeteers may profit from our ignorance and slavery.

From the anvil of compulsory schooling to media and entertainment, we are kept in perpetual bondage to the ideas that shape our actions. The media must be able to delve into the abyss and bring to light the manipulation and shockingly suppressed examples that reveal the true agendas at work. From the ancient roots of the control of human behavior to its maturity in the mind control experiments of intelligence agencies and other organs of manipulation, the work of the alternative media reveals a plan for the future of the world which drives home the dreadful price of our ignorance.

Are we prepared for a new paradigm? Will we choose our own paths or have one selected for us? On Cross Radio One daily, the talk programs aim to unveil the answers that may decide whether humankind will fulfill its destiny or be forever shackled to its own creation.