Being Enlightened Gets You Everything In Life!

Enlightenment is about seeing through the illusions of life and knowing what reality really is. When you are enlightened, you can have everything you want. Because you will know the truth about what everything is, and what it really means to have something.

It is an irony of the world that the people who seek material things and desire to have them before thinking about enlightenment, tend to attain neither, but those who acquire enlightenment first are the ones who do. It is the desireless who attain all their desires.

Being desireless is not about having no desire, but it is about having no attachment to desire. Attachment is the cause of all suffering. Suffering is when we burn emotional energy on the uncontrollable. Truth is, the more we suffer, the more suffering we attract.

Letting go of all attachments is the way to end all suffering. When we are attached, we live in a state of wanting or lacking. When we are detached, we are in a state of being desireless. Enlightenment therefore, is about knowing why detachment gets you your desire.

It is an illusion that you do not have what you already want, because you already have all that you desire in spiritual reality. Physical reality is a place for you to manifest anything that you are resonating with from spiritual reality. When you are attached, you are resonating with the spiritual untruth that you do not have what you desire.

When we are detached, we are resonating with the spiritual truth that we already have what we desire. We free ourselves by being emotionally detached from choices. Many people fail to get what they want because they do not free themselves to have it.

You put yourself in a trap when you are attached to choices. You think that it has to work in a particular way rather than allowing yourself to go another way. Detachment from choices is what gives you true freedom of choice. By being detached, we are able to choose again in every moment and we are free to make a different choice if we will.

Being enlightened comes from having a spirit of wisdom and revelation, by having insight into mysteries and secrets through the intimate knowledge of God and His will. It is by being enlightened that we gain understanding of all that there is; knowing that we do not know all, but that we will know what we need to know when we need to. This is the way of peace and everlasting joy!