Forgive, as God Forgave!

I struggled with unforgiveness for a very long time until recently the Lord, by grace, opened my eyes and heart to his word. Forgiveness is a tough word in the ears, tougher on the mind and even worse in action. Who wants to forgive? Is it not easier to hold on to an offense, despise and keep the offender captive, brood over and nurture the hurt so one does not feel cheated?

Yeah! Forgiving others feels like we have been cheated; letting go without revenge or a near-death apology. We would prefer the person took a deep fall to pacify or appease us. But guess what? Unforgiveness is the first child 0f Hypocrisy. Have you not noticed that people who are consistent and great at offending others are the ones with the least tolerance or have absolutely no regard for apologies? How so? Hypocrisy and Duality!

Romans 5:7-10, in my words, says “barely would we want to take the fall for an innocent and honorable person going to jail, let alone a guilty one,” (which makes absolute sense; freedom rocks!) Yet our Lord Jesus Christ never thought twice when it came to taking the fall for us. He laid down his life (not jail); He who knew no sin, that we may know no condemnation. He paid it all in the most gruesome way.

But do we keep our side of the deal? Yes it was a deal (what in this world isn’t? Even the cheese in the mousetrap isn’t free). He paid it all so we in turn, will help Him present us blameless to our Father. How many times have we not, despite our knowledge of this truth, constantly and continuously wandered off feeding in other pastures but our Lord’s? And how many times has he not constantly and continuously drawn us back to his fold?

So the next time we feel like renting our minds, free-of-charge to the devil to torment us with unforgiveness; that awful heaviness of heart that keeps us jumpy whenever we think of the fellow, let us think about this; what on earth could any human on this planet possibly do to offend us that would equate our sin against the Father and our disobedience of His commands? Absolutely Nothing!

Let his be a yardstick and let it go.