Ignorance Is Strength!

For centuries, certain people in powerful positions have created sources of information and managed to control what the masses hear, see or think; in order to have control over and manipulate their habits and their behavior. Wars, genocides, actual or false display of power have all been shaped by a deliberate, systematic control of information.

In a world ruled by ideologies, the ability to build up the knowledge required to live independently, ultimately depends on the type of information one is receiving. It is therefore highly important to consciously identify the sources of information one consumes and the driving force(s) behind those sources of information; i.e. television, radio, the internet or newspapers.

The result of true information is one’s capacity to observe and experience a phenomenon to create a network of knowledge based on which wise action can be taken. From this comes real power; the power to make personal and independent choices through a selection process where the insignificant details may be discarded.

When this ability to observe and experience truth is systematically taken away, it results in what Plato described in his model “The Allegory of the Cave.” People then come to accept the false reality that they are conditioned to perceive, instead of realizing and aligning themselves with objective reality, which exists independent of anyone’s subjective interpretation.

According to Plato, ignorance of one’s reality can be an advantage to those having the desire to assume control over him, and in that, whatever becomes his reality is what he is told by those controlling him. This model has been employed by a privileged few to create an artificial need for information, thereby producing a habit indulging population through mass media and advertising, and sidelining significant information from which could emerge a knowledgeable people who could make their own choices.

Since the dawn of civilization, the world’s ruling elite have fed on public ignorance to establish total control over what has gradually emerged as a servile population. The former approach of misinforming people through the institution of inaccuracy and error-laden details has been the foundation of mass control. However, in modern times, enculturation through enormous disinformation to ensure that by all means the elites have their way has become the norm.

The practice of what is popularly known as Hegel’s Dialectical Method; which in theoretical terms, refers to a resolution of a contradiction between two ideas i.e. a thesis and an antithesis at a higher level of truth (synthesis), is the blueprint for most political decisions. An example is the illusion of choice through voting, whereby whichever party that wins elections eventually works to fulfill the satanic, globalist, elitist agenda of a totalitarian one world government.

In the mass media, agenda setting is basically employing this tactic to drive support for what would have been an unpopular political decision. Consequentially, the ambitions of the privileged, rich and powerful have often found absolute support in a public that draws its strength from ignorance rather than knowledge.

The satirical dystopian novel of George Orwell describes how the disinformation of a public is used as a tool to control behavior and create passive citizens by, among other things, inventing a new form of speech and producing submissive individuals within a totalitarian state.

This device is not uncommon in today’s democracies. Similar control tactics are present to confuse rather than make clear the idea of peace, freedom and strength. Indeed, the irony of today’s democratic world remains; citizens fighting the wars of the ruling class so that they could maintain their peace, being in perpetual slavery for the elite to have their freedom and remaining in ignorance just so they can be strong.

Posted By: Ebo LeMaire
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