Listening To the Essence of Things!

Life saver, companion, chill pill, informer, agitator, global glue, spiritual advisor; at any given moment, radio is all of these things and one of these things to someone, somewhere. Now, carefully consider how powerful such a medium is in influencing the thoughts, perception, decisions and actions of those who consume it.

The essential thing is, how one listens to the radio; whether actively or passively. Do you listen to the radio consciously or unconsciously? Whether it is music that is being played or a talk program that is being aired, it is important to understand why the radio station chooses to broadcast that particular material and what ideas they are conveying to you.

What message is being sent to your mind through the songs that are being played; and what thoughts and ideas are the talk contents bringing to your attention? Are you being uplifted, enlightened, educated or inspired to see the world for what it really is or you are being lulled into accepting whatever “official story” you are told regarding events reported in the news?

When we listen totally and with meaningful purpose, we listen to the essence of things. There is an art to listening. To listen fully we should be in an open and receptive state of mind, for only when we are in an “accepting” mood is our full attention given. To listen effectively, we should abandon and put aside all prejudices, preconceived judgments, and so-called taboos and be ready to investigate the truth about what we listen to.

The contents on Cross Radio One are carefully researched and developed to be highly beneficial to those individuals who have mastered the art of listening. While mainstream radio aims at appealing to the vast majority, we aim at drawing the attention of the comparatively few who are very keen about what they listen to.

It is believed that what we broadcast daily would lead you to do your own research about what goes on in the world around you and come to your own conclusions. It is not enough to believe in any “official story” without investigating the truth and connecting the dots to get a clearer understanding of issues affecting the world.

We believe that as you listen to this station; your perception of the world we live in will be greatly enhanced, helping you to make more informed decisions and choices that will bring freedom, joy, prosperity and fulfillment to you and your loved ones. If any man has ears to hear, let him hear (Mark 7:16).