Manufactured Culture!

Most people, still today, think that all entertainment to do with movies and drama is there for nothing more than their entertainment. Such has never been the case. The greatest social messages are promoted through movies, high drama and television through the fixation of emotive sequences that drive emotional responses as opposed to logical or factual sequences which would drive rational response.

Through the emotive sequences, points are pushed across in an emotional way which register and get fixed in the mind. The emotional content provided by entertainment media is extraordinarily important. Rather than going through an actual discussion or argument using logic and facts, entertainment media that calls for a passive response is a downloading through fiction that bypasses the discursive parts of the mind. The parts of the mind that exercise critical thinking are in hibernation mode when we become sponge receptors of whatever message is being communicated via story time media.

This is particularly true when a generation is trained from the youngest age to soak in front of the television. What the aggressive media does in its entertainment format is to encode messages that are downloaded into the passive recipient without having to engage in debate or even explanation. With the advent of mass media, the tools of the media have been used for dominion via the exercise of social engineering as expressed by a message that comes in a host of different venues or story-lines but which all reinforce the same overarching narrative.

Now throw into this mix the tactic of diversion. Not only would there be a constant barrage of the same message delivered through an aggressive media to passive recipients, but there also would be created diversions that would channel off potential resistance by channeling that aggressiveness into harmless allegiances. H. G. Wells before the advent of National Sports teams talked about “Arenas.” Wells offered, over a hundred years ago, that arenas could be set up all over the world for sports. Now at that time when Wells offered that idea, sports was something that children participated in while, exceptions notwithstanding, adults would go on to adult things. It was unimaginable during Wells’ time that there would be a need for adult sports on the scale that we have it today.

Wells’ idea at the time was to eventually create a “Sports Culture” for the men, using a tribal system where men would form allegiances where men in set geographic areas would exhaust their aggressiveness in a vicarious identification with “their team.” Because men would be more disengaged than ever before from their own destiny a “Sports Culture” was developed for them in order to provide an outlet for aggression that might otherwise be channeled in things that really were matters of consequence, for responsible male citizens of a commonwealth.

Between the passivity created by the entertainment model as well as the messages downloaded for conformity by the elites, and the pseudo and abstract aggressiveness aligned with a tribal team, men would be effectively neutered in leadership and castrated in resistance. This in turn would allow the cultural gatekeeper elites to have their way in terms of setting the agenda for the social order.

All of this was reinforced by the majority of the populace being linked to the same message entertainment conduits. People would judge their own sanity by bouncing “their” ideas — ideas learned from their entertainment downloads — off of their neighbors who themselves have downloaded the same messages with the result that a reciprocity of comfort would be afforded to neighbors by neighbors, quite without realizing that they all had received these same ideas from those responsible for creating and marketing culture. It is quite irrelevant if this programming is true or whether it is in line with reality, or is coherent as long as everyone agrees among themselves what a great ideas they all share.

Once this regimen is successfully put into place, a Matrix is created that is almost impossible to get out of since virtually everyone is sharing the same deception. Certainly, there will be some margin for disagreement and often that disagreement will be fanned to life by the Message Masters in order to advance some new Message but by and large the citizenry is all hooked to the same message life support system. The Cultural gatekeepers have been practicing this game for decades now, using men such as Edward Bernays to learn how to create and then control mass psychology.

The only way that this can be challenged is if individuals and families once again take it upon themselves to enter into the great conversation that has been happening over centuries. People must once again read the great books and then they must converse among themselves as they get together to re-establish genuine community that is flavored with great thoughts about reality. Until our conversations reach again beyond the latest movies, television shows, games or scandal, people will continue to live in the Matrix and will turn whatever way their Masters pull their strings.