The Individual Solution To Avoiding The Great Reset And Totalitarianism

The Formula Our Technocratic Class Has Borrowed From The Totalitarians Of The Last Century

Though this can be elaborated on quite a bit after two decades of interviewing people and trying to make sense of communism, below is the formula that brought totalitarianism to vast portions of the globe and that is now being used in the United States:

1.) Find a stressful situation.

2.) Stoke fear.

3.) Implement a new normal.

4.) It will quickly perpetuate itself as useful idiots, useful innocents, confidence men, and many others collaborate in a self-fulfilling spiral.

5.) Once a threshold has been breached, Frankenstein’s monster turns on Dr. Frankenstein and runs rampant for some decades hence.

This predictable equation is what I have, in disbelief, never imagined could be implemented on a society without watching it first hand. I just could never imagine such drastic, measurable, toxic, self-sabotaging, and total change over such nonsense in under a year. I’m watching it first hand in my American homeland. So many more died from the lockdown than from Covid, and the immeasurable horrors of the response to Covid beyond that will long be felt in society, even if we return to the old normal today.

I am also watching this strange attitude get exported to vast portions of the globe, though I can’t travel to those places, so I remain skeptical about the veracity of the scattered reports. Just like the “free” media of post-communist former Czechoslovakia, a great number of stories in many foreign newspapers are merely plagiaristic local translations or of New York Times stories or similar coverage.

The Individual Solution

1.) You can’t change anyone but yourself.

2.) That means you can’t change society. Society may follow your lead, but you can’t guarantee that any action you take may change another. Even the most extreme regimes have learned this.

3.) This may be sad to some, but this can also be liberating, for the good news is that you need only focus on yourself and those entrusted to you (who you also can’t change, but who you can lead and be a model for).

4.) You can choose to be compliant with your own will; you can choose to be compliant with your Creator’s will; you can choose to be compliant with the most trendy, base trends of pop culture; you can choose to be compliant with the most twisted sycophants and sociopaths of media and culture; you can choose to be compliant with the most perverse laws and orders of government. That choice is 100% yours. The easy choice is to make no choice, no decision, no commitment, but unless you are as spineless as they come, if you make that easy choice, boy will you hate yourself and where you end up.

5.) Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. You are the sum of the five people you most associate with. Who you associate with (for now) remains your choice. Choose wisely, because plenty of people are working hard day-and-night in the nexuses of power: in DC, Arlington, Langley, big cities, state capitals, Silicon Valley, and many other places around the world to deny you that most basic freedom of association.

6.) “What if there is uncomfortable pushback?” you may ask. Well, I’m sorry, that’s life and you need to choose your place in life. As Stephen Baskerville writes “He who is afraid to anger or offend is not yet a man.”

7.) The choice then is this one, and this one alone. Will you be compliant or not?

Will You Be Compliant Or Not?

Because if you will wear the face mask, then you will take the vaccine. If you will wear the face mask, you will believe the election results. If you will wear the face mask, you will accept the lockdown. If you will wear the face mask, you will let your mother die alone. If you will wear the face mask, you will let your son be buried with no funeral. If you will wear the face mask, when historians one day call it necessary and normal, you will agree. If you will wear the face mask, then 2020 will be tolerable to you, and you will learn to adapt to the worst in humanity, rather than to demand the best.

When you wear the face mask, you tell the world that you are someone who will not identify his boundaries, communicate his boundaries, or defend his boundaries. You are instead someone with flexible boundaries, waiting for the right confidence man to walk all over you.

You might think that wearing a mask and social distancing is about your health, but you are wrong: It is about conditioning and control to drive the world into Technocracy and Scientific Dictatorship. The real issue is, will you comply or not? Compliance is defeat in advance.

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